Kool Kyle Starchild

Kool-Kyle-rare Kyle Brinson is professionally known as ”Kool Kyle” the original “Starchild”.

The “Starchild” persona is an influence of classic funk group Parliament Funkadelic.

Kyle mastered the art of motivating the party crowd.

Kyle’s fiery performances began uptown in the Bronx during the late 70s.

His hardcore-b-boy street delivery is crisp and smooth.

Altering the smooth tone of his voice, Kyle’s vocal skills have a rugged edge that brings the crowd to their feet.

Kyle began in 1974 as a break dancer like many fellow b-boys, Grand Master Flash, Easy Mike, Butch 2, Case 2 and Kurtis Blow.

He would constantly practice break dance routines in school and at home.

In 1977, he graduated high school and developed his party motivation skills over a popular song recorded by the group Chic.

A friend of Kyle’s girlfriend introduced him to DJ Hollywood and they met at Club 371.

Kyle was invited to rock the mic.

From that day forward, Kool Kyle became a favorite throughout the Bronx.

The legacy of Kyle’s performances placed him at the Mecca of Hip Hop venues in the Bronx such as The T-Connection Disco on White Plains Road and nearby Emma’s Place.

Kool-Kyle1Kool Kyle’s performances at Emma’s Place were so successful the owner’s renovations included a brand new bar and stage.

Kyle invited DJ Hollywood to perform at the first party of this newly renovated club.

In 1979, the “Starchild” became the first solo MC from the Bronx with a record deal with the record, “Do You Like That Funky Beat?” originally recorded by the funk/r&b group B.T. Express making it a two time hit single.

Around this time, the Disco Fever in the Bronx became another favorite location where Kyle performed often.

During the 1980’s, Kyle toured the Northeast USA working with Run from Run-DMC amongst many others.

In 1981, Kool Kyle was the first MC to perform in a movie called “Downtown 81”starring avante garde artist Jean Michel Basquait and Debbie Harry of the group Blondie.

This film was not released however; it contains the first rap performance in a motion picture.

In 1983, Kool Kyle signed with Profile Records and recorded with Billy Bill his biggest hit that was produced by Kurtis Blow Trouble” B/W “The Old School”.

Kyle is recording again with his partner RB Da Brolik under the group name Men Vs. Many.

A dedicated pioneer, Kyle continues to blaze new trails while always supporting the roots of Hip Hop.

And as long as there is a microphone to be found, Kyle The Original Starchild will be there to burn it up!


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