The Infinity Rappers

Picture 6 The Infinity Rappers are an old school rap group known for their work with Grandmixer D.ST.


  • King Pin Shahiem
  • Godfather K.C.
  • The Flyest Boo-Ski.

After The Flyest Boo-Ski joined The Infinity Rappers in the early 80s, they made records like: “Cuts it up”, “Why is the fresh” (feat. Herbie Hancock), “Mean Machine” (feat. The Last Poets) and The Bronx Anthem The Home of Hip Hop” (before KRS1’s South Bronx and AJ Scratch by Kurtis Blow).

In 1982 The Infinity Rappers were part of the first hip hop tour to Europe along with Afrika 

Bambaataa, Fab 5 Freddy, Rock Steady Crew, Double Dutch Girls, Futura, Dondi and Phase 2.


The Flyest Boo-Ski and Grandmixer D. ST. knew each other since they were 4 years old. They grew up together and used to sing together.

In 1982 The Infinity Rappers & Grand Mixer D. ST. released 12″ “Grandmixer Cuts It Up” at Celluloid Inc. label.


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