Fresh 3 MCs

fresh31The Fresh 3 M.C.’s were a cool but short-lived crew signed to Profile in the early 80’s.


  • Mr. Bee
  • Supreme GQ
  • Jay Cool
  • DJ Devine

Comprised of Unique aka Supreme GQ, Mr. Beeand Jay Cool, they were featured on as a part of Pumpkin’s Profile All-Stars line-up for his well-known hit, “Here Comes That Beat!” in 1984.

But they’re easily best known for their debut single, “Fresh“, from 1983.

It’s been featured on, oh, only about half a million or so old school compilation albums throughout the decades, and one listen makes it obvious why.R-1567533-1229539596

It’s got everything. It has a classic, true school-style harmonized hook, which is instantly memorable: “F-R-E-S-H; fresh, fresh, yo, that’s fresh!

They also recorded a little played B Side called “Have Your Heart” in 1984.

And it’s got some catchy, hardcore keyboards, and a funky beat full of hard drums and hand claps.

As of 2004, all of the members are in the 5% Nation of God’s and Earth’s and have changed their name to “The Fresh Fam”.

The lineup is as follows Lord Thunder (Aka) Mr.Bee, Supreme Justice (Aka) Jay Cool, Born Unique (Aka) GQ , and  DJ Brother Divine.


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