Captain Rock

Captain Rock captainrock2 His real name is Ronnie Green.

Captain Rock was an underground fixture in the early 80′s.

Captain Rock was produced by Aleem (Taharqa & Tunde-ra Aleem) on NIA.

He appeared at the UK Fresh Fest 86 where he allegedly striped down to his thong on stage.

Several of his tracks include “Captain Rock to the Future Shock”, “House of Rock”, and “Cosmic Glide”.

Before being Captian Rock he was Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’s live dj from their period in the Harlem World Crew.

He was known as DJ Ronnie Green.captain roc2

The only record he wrote the lyrics for was “Cosmic Blast”.

The Cosmic Crew didn’t exist longer than the time it took to make the record “Cosmic Blast”.

They were The Aleems, Dr Jeckyll + Mr Hyde, Scratch Al-D and Marley Marl.

He was a referee for NCAA Division 3 basketball in the late 80′s and early 90′s.

He’s also run a youth program in New York City, for underprivileged kids.

He still keeps in touch with several artists including Mr Hyde, Aleem Brothers and Marley Marl.


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