The Disco Four

The Disco Four Disco Four was one of the prime party-jam producers in rap’s old school, recording classics like “Move With the Groove” and “Do It, Do It” for Enjoy during the early ’80s.

Based in Harlem, the group formed around Ronnie D, DJ Al Bee, Greg G, Mr. Troy, Country, Kool Gee, and DJ Al Bee.


  • DJ Al Bee
  • Ronnie D
  • Greg G
  • Mr. Troy
  • Country
  • Kool Gee

Harlem based group used to jam in combination with Bee Fats, Donald Dee,and JR.

DJ Al Bee was the DJ.  MC’s were Ronnie D, Greg G, Mr Troy, Country and Kool Gee.

They recorded for Enjoy Records initially.

One of the MC’s was the son of Bobby Robinson.

They also recorded for Profile and RoofTop.

Nepotism had nothing to do with their classic debut, 1980’s Move With the Groove” .

A smooth, quick-paced party track, it was followed by “Do It, Do It” in 1981 and “Country Rock and Rap” in 1982.

That same year, they also appeared on Profile (then in its infancy) with another club track, “We’re at the Party“.

They had a style that was more suited for rocking parties then winning MC battles.

They were guests on the Pumpkin and the profile all-stars record “Here Comes That Beat”.

Also released the 1986 single on Danya Records “Get Busy”/”Stomp”.

They also submitted a record for the Profile Christmas compilation in 1987.

Greg G went on to become President of Entertainers Basketball Tournament that runs the Harlem Rucker Tournament that hosts the teams of the most current emcees and producers from today’s hip hop scene.

Greg is largely responsible for cable networks worldwide carrying Streetball tournaments.


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