Cutmaster DC


Winston George, better know as Cutmaster DC and DJ Hakim is a Hip-hop MC and DJ from Brooklyn, NY.

He recorded on Airport Records and then Zakia.

That’s life” was his first record in 1984 on Airport Records.

There aren’t too many people more proud to hail from Brooklyn than Cutmaster DC. 

His too biggest records are “Brooklyn’s in the House” and “Brooklyn Rocks the Best

Cutmaster DC was known for his use of three turntables as he mentions in “Brooklyn’s In The House”.

He also released a Xmas single, “The Night Before Xmas” (Zakia 1985) which was basically a hard-rockin’ instrumental cut-up which overdubs of famous Xmas tunes.

She’s Good to Go” in 1986 was another good 12″ also on released by Zakia.

Another notable early release was “You Don’t Really Wanna Battle”.

His sound basically found him cutting breaks over Roland TR-909 beats.

He also produced and wrote for some other artists while on Zakia.

In the Winter Of 2004 he decided to use “DJ Hakim” to do a Reggae MixTape and didn’t want his audience to be upset not hearing him scratch.

He plans on releasing not only a few Cut Master DC Mixtapes, but a 2005 remix of “Brooklyn’s In The House”.

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